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Mahindra tractors are the #1 selling tractor in the word. Mahindra’s market share under the 120 PTO HP has grown to #3 in North America. Mahindra Tractors range from 19HP to 125HP, from sub compact to full size utility tractors, cab and open station units. Like other Top Tractor Manufacturers, Mahindra Tractors are built from the ground up and in plants from around the world.

To understand Mahindra see the following timeline;

1945 – Mahindra and Mahindra began

1947 – Mahindra began building the Willys Jeep under licence from Willys

1963 - Joint-Venture with International Harvester building tractors under the Mahindra Brand

1977 – Mahindra and Mahindra forms its own Tractor Division responsible for design, manufacturing and marketing

1981 – 100,000 Tractors off the assembly line

1983 – Mahindra number 1 selling tractor in India

1994 – Mahindra Farm Equipment Sector begins in Texas

2003 – Mahindra is awarded the Deming Prize which is considered the Nobel Prize for manufacturing, the farming equipment sector of Mahindra & Mahindra received the honor for establishing Total Quality Management in all business operations

2003 – World Tractor sales hit 1,000,000 units

2007 – Mahindra is awarded the coveted Japan Quality Metal for excellence in customer focus, overall quality and business process – the first tractor company to win this award

2010 – Mahindra becomes the # 1 selling Tractor in the world

2015 – Mahindra offers XTV Utility Vehicles

2016 – Mahindra offers 7 year Limited powertrain warranty – Raising the standards

2016 – Mahindra North America opens 6th distribution Center located in Canada

2018 – Introduction of 125HP Tractor

2018 – Mahindra Automotive and Mahindra Aerospace enter North America

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